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2 Church End, Wath,
Ripon, NorthYorks, HG4 5et
Tel: +44 (0) 1765 640029

We are proud to be associated with, and members of the British Fly Casting Club (BFCC). The club was founded by Dr Sam Davis in mid 2003 to promote an inclusive approach to fly casting to both fly fishermen and non-fishermen alike by:-

1) Getting fly casters (of all experience levels) together to share knowledge through frequent casting sessions with the view to raising their standard of fly casting .

2) Providing a logical casting improvement and goal setting system, i.e. the BFCC badge system.

3) Promoting & organising local, regional, & national competitions. Organising a national team to compete in European & World Casting Games.

4) Offering broad web-based casting instruction/opinion and tackle information to fly fishermen and tournament casters who want to improve their casting techniques, locate suitable equipment & like-minded individuals to practise with.

5) Creating a fly casting environment which will simply encourage more people to practice fly casting techniques more often and in between proper professional tuition.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who aren't aware of the status of competitive fly casting in the world sport's arena, it is ranked at the World Games level which is only superseded by the Olympics!

Please visit the BFCC web Site by Clicking on the Log below

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