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Corporate Fly Fishing

2 Church End, Wath,
Ripon, NorthYorks, HG4 5et
Tel: +44 (0) 1765 640029

Personal and friendly instruction - No Dogma!

With first class, friendly and personal instruction from the owner of Corporate Fly Fishing, Carl Hutchinson, Certified with AAPGAI advanced, FFF USA and EFFA, former UK distance fly casting record holder with the BFCC and Now World Saltwater Fly Casting Champion!, and other fully qualified Guest instructors, the lessons are designed to work on each individual's personal requirements..

Throw Away The Rule Book!

I do things differently. Significantly differently. I use methods that no one else does. I developed 'em and fine tuned them over hundreds of (very happy) customers. In a world of "very much the same" I'm very much different!

Parallel tight loops? About 6 minutes. Double hauling? Yep, takes about 20 minutes. Full fly line? Usually happens about 1pm. Fully fly line with no effort and smooth grace, about 3pm. whtever you're after, I'll make it happen in record time.

We've also got the sage casting analyser now so you'll have a record of how your casting is coming on. You'll be able to see the improvement on paper as well as in the air.

Come along and we guarantee you'll improve!

Techniques covered include

Still water
Chalk stream
Double Hauling
Casting into the wind
Roll casting and variations
wind from the side
Casting in a relaxed manner
Drag free drift
Slack line casts
Casting into the wind
Roll casting
Wind from the side
Curve casts
Line control
Line control

And now Whiplash!


Half day Casing £100 (with casting analyser £150) Inc. Lunch

Full day casing £200 (with casting analyser £300) per day Inc. Lunch

Instructor mentoring, please call

Please Email us for availability and bookings.

Gift vouchers also available!


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