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Fly Tying

Here you'll find some twists on familiar themes along with some flies original to Carl Hutchinson. We have included these flies as we have found a way of either improving them or tying them in an unconventional way Check back for more flies in a regular basis

The Blackclock Beetle


The Blackclock Beetle

Last year upon cleaning a couple of River Ure Brownies I found that they had been feeding on Black clock beetles (The little monsters that are always under your door mat).

This was especially true when the river was dropping of after a slight rise. This seemed to wash the beetles into the river and the fish couldn't get enough of them. This continued all year.

So I set to at the vice to come up with a copy and it proved remarkably easy to do. The following pattern should take no more than a minute to tie and is extremely effective. It is also great under trees on still waters for the resident BIG brownies.

Hook: Longshank partridge (crap but all I had at the time)
Tread: 6/0 Black
Underbody: Fine lead wire
Body: Black buck tail.
Varnish: Sally Hansens Teflon Tuff.

Fish is dead drift or even down and across.

1) Catch on the thread and run some thin lead wire along the middle section of the hook. Cover with thread.
2) Take a small pinch of Black Bucktail and tie it in by the hair points so it sticks out over the back of the hook.
3) Run the thread half way back towards the eye, fold over the bucktail and catch it in with the thread with about turns. Run the thread half way between this point and the eye and do the same again. Finally run the thread to the eye and this time leave out some straggly legs of bucktail before tying off and finishing.
4) Squash the back section of the fly flat and coat the whole fly with three coats of Teflon Tuff for a crispy beetle look. It even has the striations on the shell from the bucktail.



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