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Fly Tying

Here you'll find some twists on familiar themes along with some flies original to Carl Hutchinson. We have included these flies as we have found a way of either improving them or tying them in an unconventional way Check back for more flies in a regular basis

The Fly!


The Fly!

This very simple fly was our top dry fly for 2002 and 2003! Quite an achievement. And the more it gets chewed by the fish, the better it gets!

It is very simple to tie.

Hook: Dry fly size 8-16
Thread: Black 6/0
Dubbing: Black Seal's Fur

Effect required

The fly should have lots of straggly legs and indistinct in shape. This fly does not require floatant as the seal's fur catches tiny bubbles of air in it providing floatation. This also adds to the catching power!

Tying method

1) Place the hook on the vise and start the tying thread at the eye. Wind back to the bend and then back to the eye.
2) Take a pinch of black seals fur and dub it onto the tying thread
3) Wind 3-5 turns of dubbing on to the hook and tie off.


This fly can also be tied in other colours including Olive green and white.

Here is one made with sheep's wool.




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