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Welcome to - The ultimate Fly fishing instruction

Lots new for 2013!

January - March 2013
Grayling courses in Yorkshire. Come and fish with both Czech nymph and North country spiders in the beauty of the North Yorkshire moors
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April 2013
Florida for Lemon Shark, Tarpon, Redfish, Bonefish and many other species on the fly
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May 2013
Early dry fly on the River Ure, Warfe, Swale and Nidd. Come and fish the "Yellow Sally" hatch and have fun with large Grayling and Browns on the best rivers in Yorkshire.
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June -August 2013
New for this year we're taking Hosted parties to the East slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Local guides will show you where to Fish for Wild rainbows, Cut-bows, Cutthroat, Brook trout, Bull trout and whitefish in some of the most stuning scenery in the world.
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September-October 2013
It's Monster salmon time on Vancouver island! Hosted trips to The Puntledge, legendary Campbell river and the unspoilt beauty of the west coast on th Conuma river for 40lb plus Chinook.
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Read this bit! It may just change your life!

First of all, congratulations!

Just by the fact you've decided to visit this site means you've already taken the most important step in improving your fly fishing and fly casting - Deciding you need lessons! Its actually a big step and probably the hardest part of the learning process to come. Deciding to do it is much harder than actually doing it!

Why come to me? There are literally hundreds of other instructors out there so what make my lessons the ones to choose? Well quotes like "Best £60 I've ever spent on anything to do with fishing" and "What can I say? A great day, I've gone from struggling to put a fly out, to getting the whole line out with naff all effort! All thanks to Carl! Best £60 I've spent outside of Kings Cross..." Or maybe... "Absolutely fantastic Thanks Carl - very enjoyable and very easy to learn from you. You don't 'arf know yer stuff"

I do things differently. Significantly differently. I use methods that no one else does. I developed 'em and fine tuned them over hundreds of (very happy) customers. In a world of "very much the same" I'm very much different!

I also teach instructors and offer pre-assesment courses for any of the bodies currently on offer including FFF, EFFA, GAIA, APGAI, AAPAGI. Whichever exam you are taking, I can get you to and beyond the required level. Once you have passed I can also offer instruction in teaching methods lesson plans and efficiency. No matter how good a caster and teacher you are, I can make you better! I also specialise in left handed teaching techniques (both physical and mental) and *ultra efficient* casting.
(Instructor anonymity is assured)

If you like to be able to cast a full fly line with effortless grace, Learn to double haul in less than an hour and be throwing parallel loops in no time at all...

Oh, and we've also got a Sage casting analyser too!

Please, Book a lesson!

Thanks, Carl


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